Behavioural Problem in Children

A boy aged six years was brought by his parents to clinic on February 12, 2005 for treatment for behavioral problem. The boy was highly problematic both at school and at home. He had no interest in studies and had reluctance to go to school. He was very short tempered and from the slightest scolding showed violent tantrums torturing others throwing of things, tearing things with scissors etc. Soon after violence, the boy had great repentance for his deeds. He had the habit of using abusive words on getting angry at school he was very quarrelsome and obstinate with his class mates. He had only little power to concentrate and always distracted others. While writing he made several mistakes like omission of letters or even words. He had great weakness of memory.

On taking history of the child, it was found that there were disputes between parents since their marriage. His father was an alcoholic with arrogant behavior to wife. His mother had severe depression during pregnancy. As the child grew up, he developed severe indifference to his father and strong affection to his mother. He was very dependant on his mother for each and every thing and had fear of being at school after leaving his mother.

The boy was highly restless and showed all features of hyper activity. He was fastidious in the sense that he will not wear the same dress after getting slightly perspired and wanted to bath several times daily. He was highly possessive especially with his dearest toys and mother.

He had no interest in taking food and drinks. He liked salt, ice cubes, sweet things and white of boiled eggs. He was constipated passed stool once in two days with difficulty, had ball like stools. He had normal perspiration but his body surface was hot to touch. He had the habit of morning and starting during sleep. He wanted covering during sleep and preferred to lie on sides and back. His irritability had aggravation after siesta.

After careful repertorisation, the boy was given Veratrum Alb IM. One month later during the 2nd visit, the child had some improvement. His violence and obstinacy were slightly reduced. Had almost stopped his abusive talks.

His bowel habits became regular. Though he was better, laziness in going to school and errors in writing had no improvement. He also had slight improvement in his hyper active nature.

After the 2nd course of medicine, one month later, the child showed tremendous improvement. His anger reduced, showed slight interest in studies and had started going to school. His destructive habit of tearing things was almost gone. Still he had great difficulty in concentrating in studies and made several mistakes in writing. He showed interest in taking food.

Six Months later, the boy was much better at the psychic level. He had better concentration power, intensity of anger much reduced, had interest in studies and extra curricular activities. Starting during sleep reduced and he showed affection to his father and friends also. He also showed improvement in writing skills. He even developed anxiety and sadness on loosing few marks for examinations.
He continued medication and drastic improvement continued. Now he is a student in 5th standard excelling in studies and other activities. He has academically improved to a state that he is the top scorer in his class. Another exciting fact is that he is emotionally and behaviorally very healthy boy now.