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Diagnosis in Homeopathy means identifying the homeopathic medicine required by the patient. This is achieved from the summary of his symptoms or from the gist of his total behaviour or his peculiarities. Therefore homeopathic doctors will not refer his patients as diabetic patient or asthma patient or arthritis patient. Instead they will be named connecting with medicine they are taking, like 'sulphur patient', 'pulsatilla patient', 'phosphorous patient' etc. Each medicine has its own unique personalities and hundreds of symptoms. May be few of the medicines can be briefed here.

You might know of some hardworking and diligent person, who is eager to win wealth and prestige ahead of the others. For silly things he gets angry (like, while buttoning the shirt or tying the shoe-lace fast and impatiently, or if something goes wrong, he shouts at his wife or bangs the door shut), shouts at his subordinates at office, gets irritated at them as they are not as fast as him, become more addicted to coffee, tea, smoking, drinking etc. When its time to sleep, he starts thinking of the problems at office, worries over them and by the time he falls asleep it will be past mid-night. Most of the diseases affected by these kind of people will exhibit symptoms specific to the features of the medicine known as 'Nux Vomica'. For these patients, whatever be the name of the disease, 'Nux Vomica' will fruitfully brings out the cure.

A young lady whom you know. A bit stout, shy, smiles & cries for trivial reasons, talkative, no leadership traits, fickle minded with all feminine qualities. But hot-tempered sometimes. Intolerant to heat, walking in the open air gives health and happiness to mind and body. Most uncomfortable in a closed room. Whatever be the disease she suffers from (skin diseases, irregular menstruation, impotency, diabetes, asthma), a medicine known as 'pulsatilla' can give magic results for her.

In 'Homeopathic Materia Medica' (The book describing the symptoms attributed to various medicines) the symptoms associated with more than thousand medicines are illustrated. Also are given, symptom similarities of the diseases now existing in the world and of those diseases to come in the future. The most significant feature of homeopathic science is that it decides the medicines based on the symptoms alone. But in allopathy, diagnosis is possible only after discovering the structural changes in blood and body cells by means of investigations. But in majority patients, subjective symptoms start to show out even before such changes occur. Since Homeopathy can eradicate the disease in that early stage itself, it is the 'better preventive medicine'.
Excerpts from the lecture given at Royal Society of Medicine by Sir John Weir M.D,the renowned homeopathic doctor and personal physician to the British Queen,around 50 years ago.

"The doubt in the minds of you doctors might be this: Is Homeopathy effective? Is it practical? To make you understand it to be certainly practical, I shall present before you a few examples from my case diary. "

(a) A military officer, bed ridden for almost a year due to trench fever. Though weak, he is frighteningly angry and aggressive. Everyday fever sets on at 8 in the morning. Pain in the body, hands, legs and joints, restlessness become severe at night. The only medicine for this combination of symptoms is 'chamomilla'. By taking in high potency single dose of medicine, he got cured quickly and returned to service.
(b) A lady around 30 who was sick of food poisoning was brought to the O.P.Section by her husband at 2AM. She was vomiting and suffering from diarrhea the whole night through. Cold, shivering body, anxious looks, near to death. The symptom similarities of the medicine 'arsenic'. The high potency dosage for a minimum period gave her the quick healing. So you have seen how fast the action of homeopathic medicine is in the case of acute diseases. How much intense is the condition of disease, the effect of the medicine will be that faster.
(c) A man who was suffering from severe stomach-ache was brought by mid-night. He had a heavy supper with oysters and champagne. The facial expressions revealed his severe pain. Bent down forwards, clutching on stomach, unable to answer questions, he was moaning and groaning. Gave him 'colocynth'. In 3 minutes,taking a deep breath, he stretched his hands and legs and with great relief, he said, " I feel fine".

Any number of similar cases can be declared. Remember this, this is not just my experience. This is all due to Homeopathy.

On the common interest of the medical society, the number of people who criticize Homeopathy on pre-conceived notions are no less. Many doctors on their own will have set out to bring before the world the foolishness and ineffectiveness of Homeopathy. After experimenting by themselves, they found them to be wrong and thus became apostles and propagandists of Homeopathy. Truth is intense. It cannot be hidden all the time.

Some cases selected from the periodicals, magazines and books of Homeopathy and some treated and cured at CERCH are illustrated below:

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