A very serious illness affecting mainly after middle ages where the patient has to lead a pathetic life with pain killers, radiotherapy and sleeping pills throughout his short span of life. Homeopathy offers a peaceful life with little pain, good sleep and almost a healthy mode of living till death.
82 year old man presented all features of a well developed and complicated case of cancer of prostate. His age was a limitation to do surgery and chemotherapy. Catheter was inserted to relieve obstruction to urine flow but he had recurrent attacks of infections. Patient was very debilitated when brought to us. Allopathy were of opinion that he would live only for six months maximum. Case was taken in detail and Conium Mac was given. Patient showed gradual improvement. He became active, his weakness improved, appetite was good and sleep was better than before. He didn’t have to take an antibiotics for infection from catheter again. He lived an independent and peaceful life with good relief for pain about four years. Afterwards he finally died one month back in March 2008 from myocardial infarction.