No diseases only diseased individuals

This diagnostic clarification led to specialization depending mostly on organ systems of body. Thus we have specialists for eye, ear, heart, lungs, kidneys, skin, digestive system etc. Super specialization is on the way depending on specific disease entities. Thus a human being is divided into parts and organs totally ignoring his faculties like emotion and mind. The recent advances in biotechnology is aiming at developing body parts .The implication of it is replacing supposedly diseased body parts with new ones developed from stem cells of the patient himself. Let us consider a patient. He suffers from chronic headache, severe constipation and mild sleeplessness. He will get different medicines for each of his complaints and may have to visit 3 specialists at a time.

In Homeopathy, these 3 diseases are viewed as expressions of deranged vital force of a single individual, making its presence felt in 3 areas of body; i.e. there are no diseases but only diseased individuals. As I said earlier, the expressions are mostly limited to the physical plane alone. But the emotional and mental planes are simultaneously affected with less intensity. Take the case of influenza affecting different individuals. One of them may require company of wife and consoling words always. Solitude is totally unbearable for him. Another person doesn’t want the company of anybody. For him even the well-meant enquiries by his family members are a nuisance. Another patient may fear that, he may die with this intense fever and may even predict the time of his death. Some other patient may be so much depressed and have a serious despair of his recovery in spite of all treatments taken. Still another may fear that this fever is the beginning of a very serious ailment like cancer, heart attack etc. From this example it is very clear that from a single ailment, different people will have different emotional and mental changes. In Homeopathy, all of them require different medicines for a cure.