The healing crisis

Finally, the responsibility, which occasionally can be the most demanding of the patient, is that of waiting out whatever healing crisis occurs. In the process of cure, the strengthening of the defense mechanism may result in a temporary increase of symptoms. Usually this lasts for only a few hours to a few days, but in some cases it may take longer. If the patient doesn’t understand this possibility, it may at first seem as if homeopathic medicine is having an adverse effect, and there may be a tendency to seek allopathic relief from the exacerbated symptoms. The same confusion may occur if the patient expects to never have a relapse, when in fact his or her particular case is expected to require several remedies in order to accomplish full cure. The patient must be able to recognize what is happening and trust the judgment of the homeopath.

Re-arranged and condensed from “Homeopathy-Medicine of the new man”