Holistic Medicine

Initially certain insights are essential in health science. Like, ‘What is man?’ ‘ What is he made of?’ On a superficial outlook he resembles a machine-like creature functioning with certain organs like liver, kidneys, heart, brain, lungs, hands, legs etc. Even though each of these organs has its own specific functional level, each of it is mutually complimentary. Moreover, we are aware of the presence of an inner force or a ‘life-source’, which interlinks the various organs of man with the corresponding functions.
In Holistic Medicine, instead of treating or rather repairing the diseased body part, significance is in prescribing treatment after considering the overall details of the patient. Homeopathy is the science, which makes use of this kind of treatment in a most practical and scientific way. Hence, in Homeopathy, more than the treatment for the disease, treatment of the patient is given special emphasis.

Is there something like complete fitness? How do diseases conquer man? What are the main factors that determine health? On a daily basis, man is succumbed to the various influences of this universe. But the ways people respond to these influences vary. In some people, these influences produce no visible changes.

Some react harmoniously towards the physical, social & spiritual influences and they easily maintain a relative balance between them. But the majority fails to retain this balanced state. In a broader sense, they are the patients. In each patient the reflection of the illness will be quite different from one another and it will be unique to him. Changes in the conditions of health cannot be restrained just in the physical level. The unhealthy state will be revealed in emotional and mental levels too.

It can be easily understood that each one reacts differently towards the influences of his particular living environment. For example, some people, even in all adverse situations (like, irregular food-habits, minimum sleep, family tensions, stress & strains of the job, unhappy life experiences) lead a very creative life. At the same time, even minor influences might bring about notable changes in some others. While heat or cold conditions do not affect some people, weather conditions do cause health problems in some others.
What are the reasons why some react violently even to small influences while some others are able to face larger influences without any problem? It is this question that basically distinguishes ‘allopathy’ known as ‘modern medical science’ from Holistic Medicine. In allopathy, treatment is based on the eradication of the microbes believed to be causing the disease. Of the thousands of diseases, only for a small percentage the reasons could be traced. The number of diseases that infest human body and remains there till his death has been on the increase in an alarming rate.

What are the factors that help a man remain healthy even in adverse situations? One thing can be easily understood if we ponder upon this. That is, the presence of a defense mechanism that maintains his health in a balanced state by responding to all external & internal influences. Understanding the activities of this defense mechanism is very important.

All environmental forces exert influences on man. The primary concern of the defense mechanism is to react healthily to these influences and thus maintain a balance. If the force of the disease causing influences is more than one’s defense mechanism, this balance is disrupted and the symptoms become visible. Though the disease affects man all over, its reflection is seen primarily in either his physical, mental or emotional level.

The basic notion that has been existing all the time in health science is that if the body shows a symptom, a medicine is supposed to be given against it. Since this idea is deeply registered in the minds of both doctors & patients, it is not easy to accept a different perspective. Symptoms are the reflections shown when the ‘life-force’ fights against the disease causing influences to eradicate the disease. Hence they should be taken as evidences of the malfunctioning of the ‘life-force’ (or vital force). In Homeopathy, freedom from disease is achieved by exciting the ‘vital-force’ which functions dynamically in the minutest level of life.