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With every visit to a physician, patients are likely to ask a lot of doubts about their condition. " Can you cure me?" " What is my disease?" "How long will it take to cure me?" " What must I do to accomplish it?" What are the diet and regimen?" Today, almost every patient knows the name or the diagnosis which allopathy has given to their condition. He must also know that no true homeopath prescribes for the name of the disease.As each case is new, each has its own peculiarity or difference depending on the individual it affects.

The length of time required for a homeopathic consultation is usually much longer than other systems of medicine especially for the first visit of a patient. If you are not the first patient of the day, you may have to wait long past your own scheduled time. This is because the interview is painstakingly individualized and therefore nearly impossible to be scheduled by the clock. How does a homeopath visualize a patient? What will be the experience of a homeopathic interview to a patient?

It is a fact that this consultation time helps a man to look back to his life experience & behavioural patterns and to become aware of his own self. You might feel that the doctor is trying to analyze & understand unnecessarily your peculiarities and behavioural aspects. But soon you will realize that this was not to advise you or to give any kind of instructions, instead it is only an observation based on mere interest. You will understand that the doctor is interested in 'you' more than the diagnostic label of your disease.

In contrast to the allopathic doctor, one can see that the homeopathic doctor turns through the pages of the books on his table. At the same time he writes down on the case sheet, each word you say. At times, he might ask you to slow down your description. It might be that he is searching for the exact words to copy down your symptoms.

If you are not aware of these, you might be surprised. The surprise intensifies when after hearing the details of your illness, he asks you a series of strange questions especially about the various factors affecting your life.

' Is it heat or cold that affects you most? What is more comfortable- rain or snow or summer? Are you afraid of anything? Like, for example, darkness, death, to sit alone, closed room, crowd, to face an audience, exams, dog, snake, thieves etc'.

'Are you anxious about anything? If you are, about what? On what circumstances? About health? Future? Wealth? About others?'

'Are you neat & clean generally? How does music affect you?'

'Are the symptoms concentrated on any part of the body or on any side?

'Do you immensely like or hate any food stuff in particular? ' How is your sleep? Do you usually take a particular posture while sleeping (side-ways, face down, on your back, hands on chest) While sleeping, do you see that your feet are out of the blanket?

These questions and in some cases, you might be asked a lot more of these kind. Some patients might even suspect that they are put under psychoanalysis. But here the idea is totally different. Psychoanalysis is the treatment of giving powerful mental instructions after understanding the basic reasons thought to be deep in the sub-conscious of the patient. But in Homeopathy instead of arriving at imaginary inferences by questioning or analyzing deeply a patient's answers, his symptoms and peculiarities are considered to prescribe him suitable medicines.

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