Most common type of vascular head-ache. Can affect any age group. Predominantly seen in females. Painkillers though provide temporary relief, complete cure of this is possible through the wonderful system of Homeopathy.
Lady aged 38 years was suffering from migraine from her 9th standard onwards. She took allopathic treatment and some other folk medicines with little relief. Earlier she had monthly attacks but later episodes occurred almost weekly and even daily. Associated with headache she had nausea and vomiting she had to take almost two pain killers daily. Attacks occurred on change of her routine, after exertion of eyes, emotional disturbances, traveling and slightest sun exposure. She was a computer programmer and her job was much disturbed by this head ache. She had an intense craving for salt. Natmur IM was prescribed. She had slight improvement. After three courses of medicines she was completely cured of her migraine and is now leading a healthy life.