A teacher aged 45 years came for a fear of death from high trivial illness process like headache, fever etc. H/o death of both parents during vacation. Complaints develop since then. Death of a class mate during class days from inhaling chlorine. Fear occurred then also. While doing experiments she feared to go to lab. Married since 21 years fits in her children aggravated her complaint. Hypochondriacal anxiety. Fear that something will happen. Fear of thunder storm, rain, wind etc, Sleep affected by dreams of dead people. Developed frequent attack of tension headaches. Medicine given was Phos 10M. After one month slight improvement was noticed. But headache was aggravated. Medicine was continued. After 4 months of treatment fear of death gone, fear of insanity gone, anxiety about health decreased. On 25/07/97 her brother-in-law was hospitalized. Complaints relapsed after that. Again Phos 10M was given and she continued medicines for one more year. No more relapses occurred after that. Gradually her headache was also relieved.