Considered as one of the incurable diseases by modern medicine. With Homeopathy many cases have almost been cured.
28 year old man working as a constable in BSF came for itching eruptions over the whole body except face. Lesions were reddened and thickened. Complaint began as itching of scalp and hair loss with scaly desquamation and later copper coloured thickened spots appeared and diagnosed as psoriasis. He took several allopathic medicines with no relief. On taking the case he was suffering not only physically but emotionally also. He used to get irritated over trifles, had a sort of inferiority complex, had some sleep disturbances, frightful dreams of elephants, snakes etc. He also had a specific desire of sweet things. Medicine given was Bovista 200. During 1st 8-10 days, skin lesions were much worsened. There was a slight improvement after that, but again aggravation occurred. Higher potency of medicine was repeated. Though there was aggravation of itching his complaint gradually improved. After a few months, had developed a backache due to muscular strain and took some allopathic painkillers. After that he had relapse of complaint. Medicine was repeated and no more relapses occurred.