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1. Is Homeopathy the most effective treatment for Measles, Mumps, Chickenpox and Viral fever?

Certainly Yes.

2. Heard there is treatment for Jaundice only in Ayurveda. Is it true?

That is not true. Homeopathy offers effective treatment. Even Hepatitis-B can be completely cured.

3. I am an Asthma patient. I've been taking allopathic medicines for a long time. Will Homeopathy treatment be beneficial to me?

Certainly yes.

4. What can Homeopathy do for Diabetes and Blood pressure?

These ailments, being hereditary, can be cured completely if treated from its onset itself. Patients who have been under allopathic treatment for a considerable period of time have to take the Homeopathy medication along with the earlier medicines initially and slowly relieve oneself completely and save oneself from its dangerous effects such as Diabetic nephropathy, retinopathy, ulcer, stroke etc.

5. Is there a remedy other than surgery for diseases such as piles, Cholecystitis, G B Stone, Tonsillitis, and Appendicitis?

Yes. If the correct medicines are taken, these can be cured completely.

6. Is there treatment for cancer?

In the initial stage, Homeopathy can cure cancer and in the later stage, medicines are available to get relief from pain and to induce sleep.

7.Is it true that Homeopathy doesn't cure immediately?

Acute diseases such as fever, headache, stomach ache, dysentery etc can be cured immediately. But chronic diseases might take weeks or even a year or two.

8. Is there a possibility for skin related diseases to increase on taking Homeopathy medicines?

The skin diseases that have been once cured by medicines are likely to recur on intake of medicines for some internal diseases. This is the best evidence of healing, as the medicines are able to confine the healing to the outside. The skin disease can be cured effectively too.

9. Does Homeopathy medicines affect the baby in the womb during pregnancy?

Never. Since the quantity of the medication is very subtle, the chances for any side effects are almost nil. Actually, during pregnancy, Homeopathy medication is best for all, for prevention of various diseases and for a safe delivery.

10. In case a patient under Homeopathy medication takes allopathic medicines, are there chances of side effects?

Certainly not. But there are chances of the Homeopathy medicines to lose its effect. Make sure to let your doctor know about this.

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