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Symptoms are viewed in detailed individualistic approach to find out a medicine absolutely similar to it in expression. What are symptoms? Any level of health from the relative normal conditions is taken. In mental level from complete mental confusion to absent-mindedness, there exist a variety of shades of symptom expressions .A few examples- inability to work, always talking of business, cannot sit in a position at work place, fastidiousness, always finding fault with others, mistakes in writing, difficulty in concentration while studying, tendency to contradict, destructive tendency, dictatorial nature, hastiness in eating and drinking, hurried manner, impulsiveness, tendency to kill, high interest in sexuality, lewd talk, exhibitionism of private parts, talking when alone, weakness of memory, slandering disposition, religious mania, talking and starting in sleep etc are symptoms affecting mental level of health. The superiority of Homeopathy is that, it perceives these changes as part of the disease and medicines are available after being proven in healthy human beings for all these minute shades of symptom expressions.

The emotional expressions can vary from love/hatred, joy/sadness, calmness/anxiety, trust/anger, courage/fear etc. This level is very close to the daily existence of every individual. Symptoms can vary from suicidal depression to dissatisfaction. Anger at trifles, violent deeds of anger, anxiety from anticipating an interview, examination, or money transaction day, stage fright, timidity or lack of courage to appear in public or talking to opposite sex, anxiety about health, future etc, fear of misfortune, accidents or fear that something will happen if anybody is late by 5 minutes, fear of being alone, darkness, thunderstorm, of robbers, snakes, of death, of dogs, cats or snakes, fear of heights, cancer, AIDS, lack of happiness and indifference to all pleasures, sadness, depression, suicidal depression etc are morbid symptoms affecting emotional plane. These can be treated and cured with Homeopathy, i.e. not as a single entity but as a part of the whole organism.

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