The Defense Mechanism

Everyone of us know that some people are able to cope with climatic changes without getting viral fever, tonsillitis, joint pains etc. On the contrary some may suffer from bronchitis, sinusitis etc from imperceptible climatic changes. Getting wet or even wet weather is a major health hazard affecting a lot of people with influenza. We know many people with heavy work responsibilities living happily without any deterioration in health inspite of erratic diet and even lack of sleep for many days at a stretch. At the same time there are people who cannot even think of a late meal or loss of sleep for even one hour for it will cause burning in stomach or severe flatulence or headache or loss of ability to perform his usual work due to weakness or even mental confusion or lethargy.

Why is it that some people are able to maintain health with minimal disturbances in spite of stresses or bad influences and others become disturbed or diseased very easily? This is a very basic question, which has led to two basic traditions of medical thinking. Modern orthodox medical thinking focuses on finding out the possible ‘exciting causes’ which resulted in disease in the hope that understanding it will help in a curative intervention. On the other hand let us think over this question. What enables a person to remain healthy despite all noxious influences?

The power of defense mechanism in each individual varies depending on the primary level of health of the organism, which in turn is determined by hereditary influences, and history of past illnesses and treatment one has undergone. When the morbific stimuli are able to overtake the defenses of an organism, it has to readjust itself at a lower level of health in a new equilibrium. This amendment results in the development of morbific symptoms affecting the organism on mental, emotional and physical levels with its primary manifestation expressing mostly on either one of these levels depending on the primary level of health of the organism and the intensity of the morbific stimuli .As a compensation to the weakness of defense mechanism, there develop symptoms which we call “erroneously” as diseases.

These expressions of deranged health level, i.e. symptoms are viewed as disturbing and painful enemies which should be curtailed at any cost at the earliest. It is a common belief, so ingrained in the minds of everybody that a drug should be taken at the development of any symptom. Most of the people will directly go to the medical shop and purchase antipyretic for fever, analgesic for pain, anti -inflammatory for pain and swelling and even tranquilizers for sleeplessness. Modern medicine is successful in finding out drugs that are able to mitigate the severe sufferings of most of the symptoms. With the invention of microscope, bacteria, viruses etc are found to multiply in culture mediums taken from diseased parts and afterwards they are known to cause diseases .The discovery of antibiotics was a sign of relief for the medical profession at large for it was able to kill bacteria and cure sickness. In spite of the discoveries of growing number of antibiotics, which are more potent, there develop new mutational varieties of bacterial strains, which grow resistant to the effect of these drugs over a period of 10-40 years. Even after these years of research in medicine, we are at a loss even today in finding out a drug, which can kill viruses.Let us positively hope that it will come in the near future.

Considering disease and suffering at large, it is very easy to see that only a very small percentage of it show the presence of microorganism. Then what must be the cause of these ever increasing crippling chronic ailments?This inquiry and extensive research led to the finding of deranged blood values associated with each disease. On the supposition that these are the cause of disease, drugs like enzymatic, hormonal and chemical were designed to correct this. With these, patients are pretty relieved of their sufferings as long as they continue to take it only to succumb at last to the so-called “complication”. With the advent of more sophisticated technological equipments, it is possible to find out pathological changes happening inside body parts associated with diseases resulting in shifting of focus in diagnosis to investigations rather than symptoms which are the natural expressions of changed defenses. For diagnosis, symptoms are classified and generalized ignoring the finer shades of personalized feelings one undergoes during suffering.