Time required to find the right remedy

Another factor in homeopathic treatment is the length of time the homeopath takes to find the indicated remedy. This is not an easy task and it may take some time to accomplish. Patients who are used to the allopathic method of prescribing which requires relatively simple judgments for finding palliative medications may be disappointed at first with the systematic, painstaking process involved in homeopathic prescribing. Rarely homeopaths encounter patients who become suspicious about the competence of the prescriber when he spends so much time consulting his books and carefully inquiring into seemingly irrelevant details. The patient, however, must remember that the process of finding a correct remedy is difficult enough without having to contend with a suspicious or impatient patient. Therefore, the patient should be glad to see the homeopath taking so much time and care. The patient should try to help the homeopath feel as psychologically at ease as possible in order to aid the process.