How to buy table tennis rubber online – Make the perfect purchase!

How to buy table tennis rubber online – Make the perfect purchase!

The table tennis rubber functions to cover the racket used in the sport. It has two layers – an actual rubber layer on top with a layer of foam underneath. The most common types include the long & short pips, inverted and antispin. The way the table tennis racket handles the ball depends on the density and thickness of the foam underneath the rubber. So, one needs to ensure they pick the perfect one if they wish to buy table tennis rubber online.

buy table tennis rubber online – types available

Here are the four main types.

  1. Short pips

These are meant for a controlled attack as they give good speed with less spin. The surface area is small, making the racket less susceptible to damage by the opponent’s speeding balls.

  1. Long pips

These are ideal for playing with defensive strategies. The flexibility leads to lower friction, keeping the spin low to avoid slippage. If the opponent throws any heavy topspins, they will receive the results.

  1. Inverted

It is the most sought-after type, and it is the best for playing offensive. These can provide a wide range of spin and speed, favoring it. The speed and spin range may vary between manufacturers.

  1. Antispin

It is a defensive type made of a soft sponge and smooth surface. The sponge works to dampen the ball’s speed, protecting the player from fastballs thrown at them. Most players use this rubber on one side of the racket only.

So, one should understand the type of rubber they need and then buy table tennis rubber online. This way, they can ensure they are equipped with the best rubber to perform well.

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